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Texting Causes Oxytocin Levels Rise

According to research performed by Paul Zak, author of ‘The Moral Molecule’, texting or using social networks all cause oxytocin levels to rise.  Oxytocin is intricately linked to the social functioning of humans and other mammals, so it’s no surprise that even contact with others that isn’t face to face can cause a natural spurt of oxytocin in the brain.

Oxytocin is a hormone that is also released during sex, causing people, especially women to feel a greater bond for their partner.

It’s also helps reduce cortisol which is the primary stress hormone and has been known to influence a person’s charitable giving.

According to the research, women release 20% more oxytocin then men.

“I’m not sure I’ve noticed feeling like that, but it does make sense the way girls are more social,” said Jordyn Maldonado. “You do feel like a connection, like you’re closer to the person,” added Catherine Passalacqua.

The study also found that the so-called hormonal high that occurs can happen within seconds of the texting, and last up to a half hour after the on-line connection.



New Study Further Links Oxytocin Deficits to Schizophrenia

New research has given further hope that oxytocin spray my form the base of future treatments for schizophrenia.


Higher doses of second-generation antipsychotics and more severe negative symptoms are associated with lower levels of oxytocin in cerebrospinal fluid among patients with schizophrenia, researchers report.

The findings, published in Schizophrenia Research, are “in line with the possibility that central oxytocin may ameliorate the severity of some symptoms of schizophrenia by improving social functioning,” say Daimei Sasayama (National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, Tokyo, Japan) and team.


Despite the mounting evidence of a link between a deficit of oxytocin in the brain and the distressing symptoms of schizophrenia, both prmary (voices and delusions) and secondary (lack of social functioning), we still appear to be years away from a prescription medication for schizophrenia based upon oxytocin.

Oxytocin Factor Vs Liquid Trust

Oxytocin Factor Vs Liquid Trust

There are currently two different oxytocin sprays on the market that offer to provide all the remarkable benefits of the ‘Trust Hormone’ – Liquid Trust and Oxytocin Factor – which one should you choose?

> Liquid Trust < is an oxytocin spray that you wear on your shoulders like a perfume, although the spray itself is scentless.  The purpose is to let other people around you inhale it, thus making them more trusting of you.  The makers of Liquid Trust claim that the spray can improve your business life, your personal life, and your dating life.  With Liquid Trust, you can get ahead both in your job and enjoy more sucess with women.

> Oxytocin Factor < is taken sublingually, that is you spray it under your tongue.  Unlike with Liquid Trust, the effects of the oxytocin hormone in Oxytocin Factor are intended more to be felt by the user, rather than those around him or her.  The makers state that 6 drops placed under the tongue contain the equivalent of 10 IU’s of oxytocin.  The makers point to the variety of things that oxytocin has been linked to, from improving social anxiety to better sleep, and even a possible cure for autism.

Which Oxytocin Spray is better?

I guess it depends if you are wanting the oxytocin to affect yourself, or to affect others.  If the former, choose Liquid Trust, if the latter, choose Oxytocin Factor.  Better still, why not choose both and get the effects on both yourself and those around you?!

Autism and Oxytocin

Research studies continue to confirm a possible role for oxytocin in the treatment of oxytocin. Here is a video from Oxytocin Factor describing the relationship that oxytocin is believed to play in austism spectrum disorders.

Oxytocin Spray May Help Children with Autism

Further research has confirmed early promise that oxytocin spray may alleviate the symptoms of autistic children.   Research presented at an autism conference in Toronto, Candada, was the first study that looked specifically at the effects of oxytocin on children with autism.


Preliminary findings from a small, ongoing study of children ages 7 to 18 with autism indicate that a spray of oxytocin dramatically alters brain activity, particularly in the areas responsible for socialization.

“When we’re comparing days in which children come in and get an oxytocin spray versus days they come in and get a placebo spray, we’re seeing a huge difference in brain function,” said Ilanit Gordon of the Yale Child Study Center who presented the research Wednesday at the International Meeting for Autism Research in Toronto.

The differences are especially striking because they are apparent as kids perform a wide variety of tasks, Gordon said.


Sources include : http://www.disabilityscoop.com/2012/05/17/love-hormone-autism/15637/

Oxytocin May be Used by Military as Interrogation Tool

Oxytocin’s trust inducing properties have been widely documented in recent years, earning the hormone the tag of the ‘Trust Hormone’.  However, where there is trust, there is always the potential for the abuse of trust, and some people have expressed concerns that it is only a matter of time before oxytocin will be used by nefarious individuals in order to dishonestly gain somebody’s trust.

Here, a writer speculates on whether the military will inevitably try to make use of oxytocin in order to break down enemies withholding information during interrogation :

In its current synthetic forms—over-the-counter “Liquid Trust” and “Oxytocin Factor” sprays—oxytocin would have little use for interrogators. But researchers are working on a pill that would stimulate oxytocin production in people’s brains, making the effect much stronger.

Instead of using interrogation techniques that threaten to harm detainees and have been repeatedly proven to be ineffective, interrogators could play “good cop” with detainees. With the added edge of oxytocin, they could “tip the balances a little,” says Larry Young, a researcher who studies the hormone at Emory University near Atlanta.

“The effects we’re seeing from oxytocin today are really just the tip of the iceberg,” Young says. “Instead of getting them to sniff the obvious bottle of oxytocin, we could put a pill in their coffee and cause their brain to be flooded with oxytocin. You’re not getting a truth serum, but you’re getting them to trust you.


Read More at : http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2012/05/15/oxytocin-the-trust-hormone-could-become-new-interrogation-tool

Oxytocin the ‘Trust Molecule’

Paul Zakon has been studying oxytocin for over 10 years, and in particular the relationship that the ‘trust hormone’ has with our moral behaviour.  He’s come to the conclusion that oxytocin is central to our sense of fair play – guiding our ability to trust others whilst controlling our natural inclination ‘not to be taken for a ride’.  He’s about to publish a book about oxytocin entitled ‘The Trust Molecule’, and in a recent article for the Wall Street Journal he explains why oxytocin is so important to trusting others and in building an ethcial society :

But there is a larger payoff from this research: After centuries of speculation about human nature and how we decide what is the right thing to do, we at last have some news we can use—empirical evidence that illuminates the mechanism at the heart of our moral guidance system. So what can we do to shift behavior a bit more toward the expression of oxytocin and thus improve the workings of our entire society?

The experiments I have conducted show that many group activities—singing, dancing, praying—cause the release of oxytocin and promote connection and caring. As social creatures, we have created activities that prompt the expression of oxytocin in order to foster connection to others. In fact, those who release the most oxytocin when they are trusted are happier and healthier because they have richer social lives.

Even the sort of “social snacking” that happens through Twitter or checking out a friend’s Facebook page can prompt an oxytocin surge. But the real criterion for success is whether these online activities complement more substantial personal connections. Does this form of communication foster human bonds or does it foster anonymity and abstraction to the point of cutting off empathy?

Level of Oxytocin Predicts Length of Relationship!

Researchers have discovered that the levels of oxytocin the bloodstream of a newly smitten couple can predict how long their relationship will last – six months after the initial testing, couples with the highest recorded oxtycoin at the beginning of the experiment tended to be more likely to be still together.

The researchers concluded that oxytocin may play a similar role in the early bonding stage between new couples as it has long since been known to do in relationship between mothers and their new born babies.

It is thought that oxytocin spray may become a common part of relationship therapy for couples experiencing difficulties but who would like to stay together.

The people in new relationships had oxytocin levels that averaged nearly double those of singles. For couples who stayed together, oxytocin levels remained stable over a six-month period.

“These findings suggest that OT in the first months of romantic love may serve as an index of relationship duration,” the researchers wrote, using an abbreviation for oxytocin.

In both singles and couples, levels of oxytocin did not depend on an individual’s gender, body weight, height, smoking status, use of contraceptive pills or sexual activity.

Couples with higher levels of oxytocin exhibited more affection during interviews, such as touching and eye-gazing. Such intimate behaviors may increase oxytocin levels and, in turn, increase a couple’s emotional involvement in the relationship, the researchers said.

Sources include : http://todayhealth.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/02/24/10498476-will-new-love-last-check-your-oxytocin

How Oxytocin Influences Trust and Morality

Professor Paul Zak gives a TED lecture talk on the relationship between oxytocin and trust and morality.  He explains how oxytocin is essential to a civilised and stable society.  Many intelligent people are hopeful that oxytocin could help to make the world a better place.  It lies at the heart of what makes us moral, and understanding it could be the key to building a better and more moral society.