Level of Oxytocin Predicts Length of Relationship!

Researchers have discovered that the levels of oxytocin the bloodstream of a newly smitten couple can predict how long their relationship will last – six months after the initial testing, couples with the highest recorded oxtycoin at the beginning of the experiment tended to be more likely to be still together.

The researchers concluded that oxytocin may play a similar role in the early bonding stage between new couples as it has long since been known to do in relationship between mothers and their new born babies.

It is thought that oxytocin spray may become a common part of relationship therapy for couples experiencing difficulties but who would like to stay together.

The people in new relationships had oxytocin levels that averaged nearly double those of singles. For couples who stayed together, oxytocin levels remained stable over a six-month period.

“These findings suggest that OT in the first months of romantic love may serve as an index of relationship duration,” the researchers wrote, using an abbreviation for oxytocin.

In both singles and couples, levels of oxytocin did not depend on an individual’s gender, body weight, height, smoking status, use of contraceptive pills or sexual activity.

Couples with higher levels of oxytocin exhibited more affection during interviews, such as touching and eye-gazing. Such intimate behaviors may increase oxytocin levels and, in turn, increase a couple’s emotional involvement in the relationship, the researchers said.

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