Oxytocin Factor Vs Liquid Trust

Oxytocin Factor Vs Liquid Trust

There are currently two different oxytocin sprays on the market that offer to provide all the remarkable benefits of the ‘Trust Hormone’ – Liquid Trust and Oxytocin Factor – which one should you choose?

> Liquid Trust < is an oxytocin spray that you wear on your shoulders like a perfume, although the spray itself is scentless.  The purpose is to let other people around you inhale it, thus making them more trusting of you.  The makers of Liquid Trust claim that the spray can improve your business life, your personal life, and your dating life.  With Liquid Trust, you can get ahead both in your job and enjoy more sucess with women.

> Oxytocin Factor < is taken sublingually, that is you spray it under your tongue.  Unlike with Liquid Trust, the effects of the oxytocin hormone in Oxytocin Factor are intended more to be felt by the user, rather than those around him or her.  The makers state that 6 drops placed under the tongue contain the equivalent of 10 IU’s of oxytocin.  The makers point to the variety of things that oxytocin has been linked to, from improving social anxiety to better sleep, and even a possible cure for autism.

Which Oxytocin Spray is better?

I guess it depends if you are wanting the oxytocin to affect yourself, or to affect others.  If the former, choose Liquid Trust, if the latter, choose Oxytocin Factor.  Better still, why not choose both and get the effects on both yourself and those around you?!