Oxytocin Spray May Treat Social Anxiety

Oxytocin spray may be used to successfully treat at least some forms of social anxiety, according to researchers at Concorida University.  The researchers say that the naturally occuring drug oxytocin, if taken intranasally in the form of a spray, gave participants in the study a better developed sense of self-perception.

The research subjects were asked to inhale oxytocin spray and then write down how they felt 90 minutes later.  According to the research team’s head Christopher Cardoso,

“Participants who self-administered intranasal oxytocin reported higher ratings of extraversion and openness to experiences than those who received a placebo…

…Specifically, oxytocin administration amplified personality traits such as warmth, trust, altruism and openness.”



Original Source : http://psychcentral.com/news/2011/12/12/oxytocin-spray-may-help-ease-some-social-anxiety/32457.html

Can Oxytocin Spray Treat Depression?

The possible health benefits and medical uses of oxytocin seems unending. A study this month has claimed that the hormone spray could even be used to treat those suffering from depression.

According to Dr. Ziad Nahas, a researcher at the Medical School of South Carolina, when depressed subjects inhaled the hormone, their brain activity began to more closely resemble that of healthy subjects.

Oxytocin has been linked to social bonding and attachment, said Nahas, and acts as a stress reliever. Since depressed individuals feel anxious and socially disconnected, oxytocin might help them feel less depressed.

Psychologists have long known that social functioning and having a solid social support network plays a key role in physical and mental health. The widespread use of Oxytocin has been trumpeted by some visionaries, such as the philosopher David Pearce, as a way of promoting both social and personal happiness. Another study seems to have confirmed that oxytocin could become a revolutionary product that could transform society.

Source : http://depression.about.com/b/2010/10/29/hormone-shows-potential-as-antidepressant.htm

Oxytocin Spray May Cure Shyness

The emotional bonding properties of the ‘cuddle hormone’ oxytocin may be used as a treatment to help shy people improve their social skills according to researchers. The study, conducted at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in Israel, as well as Columbia University, indicated that oxytocin could improve awkwardness in people who are shy, although not it seems those who are naturally confident.

According to Jennifer Bartz, of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine :

our data show that oxytocin selectively improves social cognition in people who are less socially proficient, but had little impact on more socially proficient individuals.” While more research into the effects of oxytocin on shyness is needed, “these results highlight the potential oxytocin holds for treating social deficits in people with disorders marked by deficits in social functioning like autism

Oxytocin Spray Promotes Altruism

A Dutch university study published last week found that oxytocin spray can promote ‘protective altruism’ between unrelated individuals who see themselves as belonging to the same group. The researchers discovered that oxytocin appears to strengthen feelings of solidarity and protectiveness amongst the ‘in group’ whilst increasing suspicion and hostility to the percieved ‘out group’. The scientists speculate that the findings may point to a role for oxytocin on the battlefield, explaining feelings of comradeship between soldiers and hostility to the enemy.

Oxytocin Spray A Mother’s Hug

A popular name for oxytocin is the ‘cuddle hormone’, on account of the role that oxytocin plays in social bonding and feelings of empathy with others. A simple hug between partners, friends, or relatives, is known to raise oxytocin levels. Now a study into the effects of oxytocin has found that a mother’s phone call to her daughter can raise the oxytocin levels of the child as much as a physical hug or cuddle can. The findings are interesting because the shed light on the power oxytocin has in relationship building even via talk – in fact, in this case, solely through verbal communication.

Source : Mother’s voice as soothing as a hug

Does Oxytocin Spray Work?

With the exciting news over the last month of further evidence that oxytocin spray can play a crucial role in improving human relationships, the question a lot of people are asking is : Is there an Oxytocin Spray that I can buy that will work in improving my social life, and even my career or my sexual relationships.

Well, there is currently only one oxytocin spray on the market available to buy online without a prescription and which has been specifically designed to help people improve their social relations. The product, called ‘LiquidTrust’, is manufactured by the American company VeroLabs and carries numerous testimonials from satisfied customers who have bought their oxytocin spray in order to improve some aspect of their ability to manage relations with others. Another indication of the products authenticity is that the company offers a highly unusual 100% money back guarentee if you buy and find that the spray doesn’t help you.

I use Liquid Trust oxytocin spray on a regular basis in order to imporve my feelings of self-confidence and trust in other people and I can vouch for the fact that I genuinely believe it has helped me to overcome my difficulties (I have been diagnosed with both social anxiety AND asperger’s syndrome – the mild form of autism).

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Oxytocin Spray for Autism

In a study that involved people with high functioning autism (asperger’s syndrome), a research term found that oxytocin spray helped them to read people’s emotions and maintain eye contact – the first time that a substance has been demonstrated to improve the primary symptoms of autism.

Further details of the study are expected this week, but the findings appear to be the most definate proof yet that a lack of oxytocin plays a key role in social cognitive handicaps such as autism.

There is currently only one oxytocin spray that is sold commercially and not on prescription – Liquid Trust oxytocin spray.

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Possible Uses of Oxytocin Spray

What possible uses are there of Liquid Trust Oxytocin Spray? The key element of Oxytocin is that it increases trust. That can mean strangers – for example the girl you are chatting to in the bar, or the buisness client you are giving the hard sell to. Or it could even mean yourself. Yes, oxytocin spray will have it’s effect on you just as much as others. This means that it will help you trust yourself – something useful for everybody from the chronically shy to the pick up artist who needs that something extra in order to be the Alpha Male and attract the tens.

But oxytocin spray needn’t just be used for those looking for casual sex. The ‘love hormone’ can also be used to build trust and affection between couples, perhaps even to save long term relationships. Researchers have found that both men and women have increased oxytocin levels after sex. It seems that oxytocin is nature’s way of helping male and female to pair bond after sex and to want to ‘stick around’ and support each other. Oxytocin spray might even be used by women who fear that their partner is, or is tempted to, stray. A few subtle puffs of liquid trust around the home (the spray has no scent) might be enough to save a marriage from being wrecked.

I’ve listed some of the possible uses of oxytocin spray below. Click here to purchase Liquid Trust Oxytocin Spray.

  • Improve trust in relationships
  • Help people with social anxiety to gain confidence
  • Help buisnessmen to ‘clinch the sale’
  • Help attract the opposite sex

Oprah on Oxytocin

Writing on Oprah Winfrey’s online magazine, respected evolutionary psychologist Helen Fisher discusses the chemical underpinnings of love and sex. Stating that ‘the most powerful aphrodisiacs are already inside of our bodies’, Dr Fisher explains that the three crucial aspects of relationships – lust, trust, and love, all have a hormonal basis. Regular readers of ‘Oxytocin Spray’ will already know which of these foundations are produced by oxytocin, but here in her own words, Fisher tells of the powerful aphrodisiac properties of oxytocin, the ‘trust hormone’ :

Feelings of trust and attachment are fostered by the chemical oxytocin. In a study conducted at the University of Zurich, couples who used a nasal spray containing oxytocin before discussing an ongoing marital conflict were more likely to engage in friendly, positive communication than those who didn’t take a whiff. You can stimulate oxytocin naturally with touch. Hold hands while you watch TV, trade massages, or sleep in each other’s arms.

Read more about how oxytocin can act as aphrodisiac to desire here.

Is Oxytocin Spray a Potential Date Rape Drug?

Amongst the many potential benefits and positive uses of oxytocin spray, some commentators have expressed fears that the ‘trust hormone’ may become the new date rape drug. I believe this notion is absurd and here are a few of the reasons why :

  • No amount of oxytocin could make a woman or man do something against her/his will.
  • There is increasing evidence that oxytocin spray can lead to the opposite sex finding you more desirable but this no more makes it a ‘date rape drug’ anymore than the application of make up or the use of perfume.
  • Oxytocin helps establish emotional and relationship bonds between people – for this reason women seeking more committed relationships with men are more likely to be interested in using oxytocin spray rather than the serial date rapist.

In a nutshell, the possible misuses of oxytocin spray have been wildly exaggerated by people who don’t really understand what oxytocin is and what oxytocin can do. Date rape drugs leave the victim unconscious or paralysed and render him or her unable to recall the ordeal. Oxytocin spray simply makes the opposite sex sit up and take notice of you and your selling points. There is simply no comparison between oxytocin and date rape drugs.