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Oxytocin May be Used by Military as Interrogation Tool

Oxytocin’s trust inducing properties have been widely documented in recent years, earning the hormone the tag of the ‘Trust Hormone’.  However, where there is trust, there is always the potential for the abuse of trust, and some people have expressed concerns that it is only a matter of time before oxytocin will be used by […]

Oxytocin the ‘Trust Molecule’

Paul Zakon has been studying oxytocin for over 10 years, and in particular the relationship that the ‘trust hormone’ has with our moral behaviour.  He’s come to the conclusion that oxytocin is central to our sense of fair play – guiding our ability to trust others whilst controlling our natural inclination ‘not to be taken […]

How Oxytocin Influences Trust and Morality

Professor Paul Zak gives a TED lecture talk on the relationship between oxytocin and trust and morality.  He explains how oxytocin is essential to a civilised and stable society.  Many intelligent people are hopeful that oxytocin could help to make the world a better place.  It lies at the heart of what makes us moral, […]