Texting Causes Oxytocin Levels Rise

According to research performed by Paul Zak, author of ‘The Moral Molecule’, texting or using social networks all cause oxytocin levels to rise.  Oxytocin is intricately linked to the social functioning of humans and other mammals, so it’s no surprise that even contact with others that isn’t face to face can cause a natural spurt of oxytocin in the brain.

Oxytocin is a hormone that is also released during sex, causing people, especially women to feel a greater bond for their partner.

It’s also helps reduce cortisol which is the primary stress hormone and has been known to influence a person’s charitable giving.

According to the research, women release 20% more oxytocin then men.

“I’m not sure I’ve noticed feeling like that, but it does make sense the way girls are more social,” said Jordyn Maldonado. “You do feel like a connection, like you’re closer to the person,” added Catherine Passalacqua.

The study also found that the so-called hormonal high that occurs can happen within seconds of the texting, and last up to a half hour after the on-line connection.